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Via del Governo Vecchio

The street, just off Piazza Navona in the centro storico, is an established favourite with everyone.

Bohemians love its myriad vintage clothing stores and cool cafes and bars. Culture buffs adore its historic palazzi (including numbers 123 and 134 where, respectively, Renaissance architect and painter Donato Bramante and San Filippo Neri once lived) as well as one of the famous ‘talking sculptures’ in Piazza Pasquino where locals of past centuries would leave satirical messages. Linguists and young Italophiles gossip outside the language school in Piazza dell’Orologio. Romantics hide in the cute bookshop AltroQuando flicking through books on art and cinema. And shopoholics (local and day-tripper) spend hours in the boutiques boasting a mix of everything from evening gowns to alternate jewellery to reasonably priced shoe shops to antiques. There’s also a well stocked supermarket squeezed in amongst all the beauty so those travel companions who are bored waiting for ‘shoppers’ can slip off to pick up groceries. 

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